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What should we pay attention to when using the human healthy scale?

What should we pay attention to when using the human healthy scale?


With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to their health. Maybe that’s why the human health scales on the market are selling well now.Nowadays, the human health scales have unique shapes on the market , include glass electronic scales and portable mini electronic scales,it is Very diverse. The price usually range from dozens to hundreds of yuan. Electronic health scale is very convenient to use,they mainly composed of weighing display controller, weighing sensor and electrical control. It has high precision measurement. It is understood that most of the electronic scales are sale by women,But there are also some men who buy and give away.

Human health scales are not exclusive to women,many women want to maintain a certain weight for weight loss, in fact, anyone must maintain a healthy weight, a healthy weight is good for your health. Develop a habit of weighing, let yourself know about your physical changes, and let yourself have a healthy weight.

Although the use of electronic scales is very convenient, but we also need to pay attention to some details in daily use.


The matters need attention in daily use:

1. There is a switch unit button at the bottom of the scale,the measurement unit can be selected in kilograms or pounds, please select the desired unit before measuring.

2. When the display shows that the battery voltage is too low, please change the battery to continue to use it. Under the under power condition, the measurement accuracy of the instrument is not guaranteed.

3. To ensure measurement accuracy, please follow the following two points during operation.

(1) When using, put the scale on a flat and hard ground ,and make sure there are no debris under the scale.

(2) When weighing, the person stands upright in the middle of the scale and the body must not shake

4. If it is not used for a long time, please take out the battery in time to avoid electrolyte leakage and corrosion of the scale body and components inside the scale.

5. The electronic scale is a precision device and should be carefully stored and used properly , avoid moisture, drop collision, heavy pressure and exposure. Do not rinse directly with water. If the surface is dirty, please wash it with a soft cloth that dampened with water. Do not use benzene, nitro solution or liquid caustic soak.

6. It must be handled gently when carrying and transporting, the outer casing is easily damaged by external force.

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