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What is the “smart” of the smart weighing scales ?
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What is the “smart” of the smart weighing scales ?


In recent years, with the development of smart technology, so many smart products have shown in market. When mention it ,we cannot forget the smart weighing scales

However, you may ask:, what is the “smart” of the smart scales?

1. Working principle

The smart scale actually uses the biological impedance technology. Manufacturers add ITO conductive film or conductive metal sheet on the surface of the scale. When human step on it on barefoot, it will form a closed-loop electrode. Since the fat is not conductive and the water is conductive, the body fat content can be showed by calculating the current value, the resistance value and the body weight value. In other words, to measure the body fat rate, you must go barefoot.


2. Cloud service

The most obvious difference between smart scales and traditional scales is that smart scales can test the body data of testers and upload them to the cloud for storage. They can even analyze the health index of testers through big data, and then analyze the health status of testers. or guide their life-style.

Nowadays, smart scales have their own mobile app with many functions. Record of weight change, guidance of slimming movement, measurement of exercise steps and measurement of food’s calorie , etc. All of which can be done on the phone by easy and convenient operations.

Therefore, smart scale is no longer just the concept of scales. It has become a health assistant for family life, a health guide for family members, and even a platform for sharing health with friends.