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Principle of body fat balance

Principle of body fat balance


The body fat scale is a weighing scale that can measure body weight, fat, moisture and so on.At present, There are two types of sensors on the market to measure body parameters. They are ITO film and electrode sheet.


Research findings: When a certain frequency electrical signal passes through the human body, the fat portion has a higher "impedance" value than the muscle and other tissues of the human body. When use a safe, specific frequency electrical signal passed through the human body, the electrical signal will vary to different degrees depending on the different"impedance" value of the human body.

Principle: The muscle contains more water such as blood which can conduct electricity, but the fat is not conductive. Since the channel conductor of the current in the body is muscle, the weight of the muscle can be known from the difficulty of passing the current, and it can be judged that in the proportion of the body weight, people who with less muscle have a higher proportion of fat.

Correct health concept:A healthy body depends on the balance of body fat. Excessive accumulation of fat is would cause harm to the body and cause various of diseases. Body fat is a very important part of body, such as providing energy, protecting internal organs, maintaining body temperature, assisting in the absorption of water-soluble vitamins, and participating in human metabolic activities,etc. However, too much fat can affect human health, leading to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and so on. In addition, patients with obesity diseases often face distress caused by heat, body shape and fatigue.Therefore, doctors and experts recommend keeping the body type within a certain range. With people's living standards improve, health issues are gaining more and more attention, which also promotes the development of body composition measurement science.


At present, there are many methods for measuring human body components, especially human body fat, mainly including Hydrodensitometry, Skinfold Anthropometry, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis(BIA) and so on. In addition,we also have Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptionmetry(DEXA),X-Ray computed Tomography(CT),Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) and so on which is developed more rapidly in recent years. But these methods require more expensive equipment and professional training, and patients are susceptible to radiation. They are not suitable for home use. The BIA method is more convenient to use and measurement results are relatively accurate. Price is reasonable for the market and it is favored by consumers.

BIA is a technique that designed by estimating body composition which is based on different body tissues have different conductive properties. When the body tissue connected to a current greater more than 50 kHz, the current can be passed through by extracellular fluid. However, some of the current will be affected by the cell membrane (resistance, R) and part of the current will slow down because of the temporary charge of the cell membrane which is the Reactance. Impedrance (Z) is the sum of resistance and reactance. Normally,resistance accounts for over 90%.

 Electronic fat scale is based on the above principle, using the electrode piece that on the surface of scale to connect the user's legs, through a certain safe current and measure the body resistance (bio-impedance). The formula is based on the user data and the human body resistance which measuring. We can use the formula that obtained by extensive experiments to measure the percentage of body fat, body moisture, human muscle, bone weight and other body components accurately .


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