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My kitchen helper

My kitchen helper


Explanation:Kitchen scale is a tool for measuring the accurate weight of food ingredients once used in cooking.


Basic classification:

According to the sensor : electronic kitchen scales and mechanical kitchen scales.

According to food materials: liquid metering kitchen scales and quality metering kitchen scales.

According to the finished food: Western-style pastry kitchen scales and Chinese food kitchen scales.

What we usually use in baking making is the electronic kitchen scale.


Working principle:

As a normal scale, Kitchen scale is also determining quality through electronic sensing or spring telescoping.Electronic sensing accuracy is higher than spring metering in comparison.

Method of application:

First, put the scale on the horizontal table,away from radiation of phone and computer. It wil display 0g (0.0g or 0.00g) after booting,and weight.

Use it on a stable, windless flat, and the maximum weight should not exceed +2% of its maximum range. If the load is too heavy, it will damage the product permanently.

Do not expose the scale to extremely cold or hot environment, and let the scale adapt to the new environment at least one hour before use. Handle with care to avoid inaccurate weighing or damage internal parts of the scale.

Keep the kitchen scale in a clean environment. Dust, moisture, vibration, airflow, or electromagnetic interference would affect stability and accuracy of the product.


Operate tips:

1. Try to avoid violent collisions and shocks when using.

2. When cleaning ,please use a soft cloth with water or detergent to clean it.Do not use chemically corrosive substances

3.If display low battery, please replace the battery in time. Please remove the battery If you do not use it for a long time,in case of the battery leakage to cause circuit damaged.

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