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Kitchen Scale

Kitchen scales are also called food scales, seasoning scales and cooking scales.

In the view of functions, our kitchen scales are mainly divided into spoon scales, ordinary kitchen scales, and nutrition scales.

The spoon scale is mainly used for weighing food for pets and the production of high-quality cakes. Ordinary kitchen scales are usually used to weigh the food and seasonings. The nutrition scale needs to be used together with APP ---AiFresh. The nutrition scale can be used for weighing and nutrition analysis according to the type of food, and then plan a scientific meal for you.

In terms of materials, the materials are mainly divided into plastic, glass and stainless steel. You can choose models according to your preferences.

From the target market, the products have various range. Our company has dozens of kitchen scales, which are novel in style and unique in design. Our kitchen scales are sold to dozens of countries and regions and are very popular among customers. You will have a wide range of choices, no matter which range of your target customers.

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