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If you’re looking for simple smart scale, Frecom Electronic will be a good choice for you. We specialized supply high quality smart healthy control products especially smart digital scale, meeting customers' various of custom digital scale demand. We mainly have supplying and selling five kinds of digital scales inclusive of kitchen scale, bluetooth scale, body scale, baby scale, body fat scale.

With the progress of modern life and people's growing love for cooking, kitchen scale has become a lot of friends in the kitchen indispensable small appliances. Our digital kitchen scales generally used for kitchen users at home.

The bluetooth scales are used together with the mobile APP, adopting use bluetooth technology to achieve data transmission, which favored by customers at home and abroad.

How to monitor your heath and fitness, the smart body scale is a great option. What's more, our body fat scale instead of just telling people how much their body weighs, and smart digital scale also will tell people theirs body fat and body hydration.

Besides, the digital baby scale be critical for mother who has a newborn baby, allowing mother to measure their baby weight during the growth peroid. More details about our products, click high quality digital scale to know more.

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